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Mountco Construction & Development Corp specializes in multi-family residential and commercial projects for the public and private sectors. The company focuses on community-driven initiatives that yield developments of enduring value for surrounding neighborhoods.

Founded by President Joel B. Mounty in 1988, Mountco has built a reputation as a quality construction and development firm. Mountco’s extensive portfolio is a testament to its commitment to the communities in which it builds.


Mountco only embarks on projects that have long-term viability and sustainability, which adds value to the community. Mountco’s strategy is to work with and partner with not-for-profits and faith-based organizations which are the heart and soul of the neighborhood in focus. This commitment is more than just brick and mortar, our buildings become an intricate part of the communities we work within.

Mountco’s projects are often the catalyst for community redevelopment, whether in urban or rural settings. With Mountco, a community has a true partner. The team at Mountco believes that for communities to thrive, a wide range of quality housing and employment opportunities must be provided.

Housing is a right for all. Our design and construction are of the highest quality, ultimately enhancing neighborhoods and spurring economic opportunities.


Mountco’s wide experience and involvement in the industry bring the highest level of management and knowledge to every project we undertake. As partners, Mountco prefers working on a project from inception through planning, providing preconstruction services, and working with architects and consultants to ensure the best building possible. Better planning, better detailing, and “being in the weeds” helps guarantee a well-built building that is completed on time and on budget. Our experience as developers helps construction clients in every way.


Mountco is a full-service company covering all areas of construction and development. We’ve been around long enough to know how to work well with others. It’s all about creating and constructing the best building possible. Our clients and partners know very well the positive experience of working with Mountco and that is why most of our work is repeat business.


Whether it is for internal developments or client construction developments, Mountco carefully evaluates every project. We are a success-oriented company, and we have our clients’ and partners’ best interests at heart. Therefore, it’s important for Mountco to be involved as early as possible. Our seasoned team of professionals and years of experience bring a great deal to every project.

In addition to construction and development expertise, Mountco also has extensive experience in multi-family financing including all affordable housing financing programs that are available at the federal, state, and county level. Joel Mounty, the President and Principal of Mountco, is well versed in public financing. He served 20 years as a Director of the New York State Municipal Assistance Corporation (MAC). MAC’s responsibility was to keep New York City solvent during times of financial crisis.

Mountco has on occasion stepped into developments that were in jeopardy. With our experience as a strong developer/builder we have been able to move quickly to save a project. The company’s reputation for quality work and genuine partnerships makes Mountco a problem solver.


Mountco’s areas of work have been concentrated in the lower Hudson Valley and New York City. This regional approach has given us keen insight into the region’s markets, housing needs, construction costs, key professionals, and government authorities. Although Mountco has grown into one of the largest builders in the New York area, we like to consider ourselves a local builder.


Mountco has earned its reputation for quality construction through dedication to details. The company designs and constructs residential housing and institutional and commercial buildings that are distinctive and unique. We are proud of the quality of work we produce.

Mountco employs innovative design, quality materials, and finishing techniques that give our projects durability, character, and style, all within budget constraints. Being familiar with financing programs, we are well aware of the financial challenges and are able to deliver the most bang for the buck.


Mountco keeps projects on schedule and within budget. Consistent with its collaborative approach to development, Mountco maintains regular communications with all stakeholders throughout the construction phase. With extensive outreach to everyone involved, Mountco heads off problems and implements necessary changes expeditiously. As a result, Mountco is becoming the preferred contractor with not-for-profit and faith-based organizations.


Joel Mounty, President and Principal of Mountco Construction and Development Corp, founded the company in 1988. Mountco has since grown to be one of the region’s leading development and general construction firms with an emphasis on low- and high-rise affordable multi-family residential construction, acquisition and rehabilitation, and healthcare and institutional facilities.

Joel is responsible for the overall operation of the company, including business development, construction activities, financial performance, and strategic growth. Joel has extensive experience in real estate development and construction, ranging from commercial financing and development to practical hands-on participation in construction projects. Joel started in construction as a masonry laborer and has held a wide range of positions in the industry, including working in the mailroom of a major northeastern general contractor and real estate developer where he rose to Vice President.

Joel has successfully structured financing for major projects utilizing both government and private funding sources. He is particularly effective in organizing the right team of professionals for a given project and providing the creative spark to ensure the project’s success.

Joel served on the New York State Municipal Assistance Corporation, a New York State agency that financed New York City in times of fiscal emergencies. He was a Director of the Corporation and Chaired the Finance Committee. Joel is the past Vice-Chairman of Lighthouse International, which assists the blind and visually impaired. He is also the past President of Food-Patch, the food bank of Westchester County.


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