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1001 Thieriot Avenue, Bronx, NY 10472



The Casa Celina Development is located within the Sotomayer Housing Campus in the White Plains section of the Bronx. This 16-story building is being constructed for 205 senior affordable tenants with onsite services. Mountco worked 24 months on preconstruction for this project and due to the design implications, helped with the redesign of the structure, fa├žade, and MEP systems to make this building the standard when it comes to the new approach NYC is taking in making buildings greener. The project will incorporate such energy-efficient methods as solar panels, cold climate all-electric heat pumps and domestic hot water heaters, sunshades, and more.

One of the biggest challenges this site had to face was the relocation of a sewer main that runs through the center of the property. Before construction was able to begin, this sewer main had to be relocated and completed prior to the construction of the new residential tower. Due to current economic uncertainties, supply chain issues, and inflation all current projects as products have been delayed due to manufacturing and shipping issues. Mountco has taken the initiative to start the submittal and approval process early on to make sure there is enough time for production to make it through the current cycle.

Total Units: 205
Total Square Footage: 134,118

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