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Common Ground Brook Avenue Residence


Project Description

This 6-story 91,670 sq. ft. residential structure with ground floor retail space creates permanent housing for low-income working adults and formerly homeless individuals. The building incorporates “green design” through the use of environmentally responsible materials and technology to reduce long-term operating and maintenance costs by emphasizing sustainability throughout.


Reclaiming a vacant site to create an oasis in a congested urban area for the most needy of the community, Common Ground offers 190 units of housing, a backyard area and a “green” roof garden for residents to enjoy. The ground floor features community and retail spaces. A building management system controls lights, fans and temperature at optimum levels for energy conservation. Low toxicity materials, indoor bike stands, and high efficiency appliances contribute to an improved quality of life for tenants.

Challenges and Solutions

Mountco served as general contractor for this community revitalization project. Site conditions presented several design and construction challenges, which Mountco coordinated expertly to keep construction on budget and on schedule. In addition to the dense urban setting, the site’s subsurface environment presented a significant obstacle. Soil contamination resulting from historical site use necessitated the installation of a gravel and piping subsurface depressurization system to dissipate any potential accumulation of fumes from within the building, and major foundation work required 100 piles to support the L-shaped building.

Mountco worked with multiple project stakeholders and complex administrative requirements throughout the process. Through well-established relationships with its own subcontractor trades and integration of qualified local subcontractors into the effort, Mountco was able to quickly respond to design and field changes to stay within budget.