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Carmelo Acosta Plaza


Project Description

This multi-family residential project offers 63 affordable housing apartments in an attractive 8-story building. Located in a dense urban residential neighborhood, the project’s many amenities and proximity to shopping and transportation make it a welcome addition to the neighborhood.


Throughout the building, Mountco incorporated many features to assist visually impaired and handicapped residents. The project site features at-grade parking, an outdoor terrace area and a playground. The building is block with a brick veneer façade, making it particularly appealing and elegant. Stylized buildings are a signature of Mountco’s work.


Mountco’s commitment to assisting economically challenged areas was evident throughout the construction process. Eager to bring value to the local community, Mountco partnered with the local non-profit organization, Neighborhood Association for Intercultural Affairs, to employ many local workers during construction.

The project site itself posed construction obstacles. The very tight building lot and multiple adjacent structures made equipment and material handling difficult. Extensive coordination was required to allow pre-fabricated concrete floor planking to be maneuvered into place with great precision. The steeply sloping site grade added to the construction and staging challenges, but Mountco’s expert crews skillfully overcame these issues to deliver a successful project.


“When you have such an honest collaboration with project partners as we had with Mountco, everything goes well. Mountco was totally committed to creating housing that residents would be proud to live in.”

Eduardo LaGuerre, Executive Director, Neighborhood Association for Intercultural Affairs (NAICA)