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Barham House


Project Description

This project involved the renovation of a seven-story brick apartment building providing 100 units of affordable senior housing in a mixed-use residential/commercial urban setting. Barham House provides new benefits and improvements for its senior residents. Located on Main Street in the center of downtown Peekskill, the building is convenient to a wide selection of retail, cultural and support services.


Mountco’s renovations feature improved energy efficiency for the overall building and for each residential unit. Sustainable and “green” building materials and practices were employed, including replacing old windows with new Energy Star® certified windows, exterior brick re-pointing to improve the facade, installing Energy Star® compliant roofing over new insulation on the roof, upgrading all light fixtures and appliances within the building to Energy Star® certified equipment, and utilizing Green Label certified flooring and finishing products throughout. The building’s central heating, hot water and ventilation systems were replaced with new energy efficient boilers, pumps and circulating equipment.


As with many of Mountco’s rehabilitation projects, the renovation work for this project was planned and successfully managed with tenants in place. Through ongoing communications and flexible work schedules for sub-contractors, Mountco was able to complete the work with minimal disruption to the elderly tenants. Sensitive to the needs of the building’s senior residents, Mountco improved life safety within the apartments and common areas by replacing existing buddy call and intercom systems and upgrading the alarm systems.


“We have been really impressed with how organized Mountco’s crews are and how they provide services in a very timely fashion. Each team member is extremely polite and respectful to the residents, often going out of their way for us. On behalf of the tenants of Barham House, I wish to thank Mouncto for helping to create an exciting, safe and beautiful building for us.”

Dozier Wilson, President, Barham House Tenants Association