Mountco Construction & Development specializes in multi-family residential and commercial projects for the public and private sectors. The company focuses on community-driven initiatives that yield developments of enduring value for surrounding neighborhoods.

Founded by president Joel B. Mounty in 1988, Mountco has steadily built a reputation as a quality construction and development firm. The company has constructed more than 3,000 units of affordable housing as a general contractor and/or owner, which is a testament to its ability to consistently produce high-quality housing over an extended period of time.


Mountco’s growth has been achieved through careful planning. The company only embarks on projects that have long-term viability, are sustainable and add value to the community. Mountco’s corporate strategy is to retain all of its developments in its portfolio. This contributes to the long term growth and economic strength of the corporation and ensures that Mountco has a vested interest in the continued success of each of its developments.

Mountco’s projects are often the catalyst for community redevelopment, whether in urban settings or in more rural ones. With Mountco, a community has a true partner.


Mountco believes that in order for communities to thrive, a wide range of quality housing opportunities must be provided. Just as importantly, Mountco believes that housing should be designed to complement and enhance existing neighborhoods in a way that will foster continued financial investment.

Mountco understands that the key to successfully developing and building any project is involvement of stakeholders in every phase. From concept initiation to design to final construction punch-lists, Mountco brings owners, community members, governing bodies, financiers, architects and subcontracted trades together in a collaborative process that ultimately serves to improve the development for its residents and the surrounding community.


Mountco’s experience for over a quarter of a century allows the company to offer a wide variety of services to bring projects to life. Initially the company focused solely on the construction side of business, maintaining high quality standards and professionalism.

With a strong background in finance, President Joel Mounty has expanded the focus of the company to include development in addition to general contracting. Mountco is equally adept at developing its own projects or at serving as a general contractor specializing in supportive service, workforce and senior housing acquisition, and rehabilitation of HUD properties and medical facilities. Mountco now provides a full complement of services from project conception through completion and ongoing ownership.

Mountco has earned an exceptional reputation for successfully partnering with local not-for-profit and faith-based organizations to provide the technical expertise to bring their visions to fruition.

Mountco provides or coordinates:

  • Project evaluation and financial analysis
  • Project development and planning
  • Market studies
  • Real estate acquisition
  • Accessing public and private financing
  • Existing conditions surveys
  • Permits and local approvals
  • Site preparation, including environmental remediation
  • General construction – all phases
  • Trade subcontractor selection and management
  • Field supervision
  • Project management
  • Community groups and non-profit organizations liaison
  • Government agencies liaison
  • Planning and zoning approvals
  • Property management oversight


For each project, Mountco brings together the appropriate creative and construction talent to make the project a reality. While the company has a well established network of architects, trades contractors, market analysts, financial institutions and property managers, Mountco also draws on local talent within the community. Mountco has provided opportunities for minority-owned firms to join the project team, giving these firms valuable experience and expanding Mountco’s resources.


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